I live with good people.

Day 176 of 365

In Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book, Braiding Sweetgrass, in the chapter on language, she writes about how the words for plants and animals in the native Potawatomi language translates into something like “tree people” and “bird people.”

When I first read this, I cried because I call my animals people. I just don’t have a better word for how they seem to me. It has always felt to me that the way most other people speak of chickens or ducks or dogs or any animal is not the way I see these animals. Everyone is “people” to me, and we are equal in my mind. I am reminded this week, as we have brought home a new puppy, that I live with the best people.

Boudica is doing much better with the new puppy. She still grumps at him some, but I am certain she is mainly doing it to make sure he knows his place. Still, she has started to play with him, and it’s just joyful to watch. She needed a playmate so badly, which I thought was the case. She is six years old but still a puppy in her heart. She would try to play with me, but I just wasn’t very fun. Bairre seems pretty fun though. And, oh my goodness, he thinks Boudica is the coolest person in the world.

Boudica is also already teaching him some. Ron said that she got between him and the ducks yesterday when he tried to chase the ducks. And to allow us an opportunity to get some work done, we will put the puppy on the deck, close the gates, and tell Boudica to keep an eye on him. She actually does for the most part.

I am also so impressed with the kitties. Betty really seems to like Bairre. He has chased her a bit and gotten a few swats, but she studies him and will play with him a little bit. It’s fascinating, especially the study. The first night we brought him home, she started following him around, only she was like lurking in the shadows, and he was oblivious to it. But everywhere he went, Betty was poking her head around the corner to see what and who he was. This was fantastic for me to watch. And once she determined he was okay, she started getting really close to him.

Bella was terrified of him at first but now plays with him a little. Mainly, she investigates him while he’s sleeping, which is the cutest thing ever. He will be sleeping, and after some initial sniffs, she will reach out and touch his fur. Maybe she’s trying to see why he’s so fluffy. He’s very fluffy.

I was thinking today about how wonderful these animals are and how thankful I am to them for getting along. We have not always had the best luck with members of our little family getting along. Gus was so jealous of Sophie, and she was pretty disgusted by him. Those two had a few stressful incidences over the years. But, so far, it seems everyone in our family has accepted Bairre and seems to kind of like him. He is pretty cute and charming. And, boy, isn’t it the truth that being cute and charming goes a long way in the world? I wouldn’t know about this first hand, but I have seen it in action.

Anyway, I am thankful to all of my people, and I try to remember to show it. I am fortunate. I get to live with really good people.

2 thoughts on “I live with good people.

  1. I love the book Braiding Sweetgrass. Thank you for mentioning it. I read it daily for a dose of wisdom. It has become my bible (lower case). It makes me want to be a more conscious observer of life on this fragile earth.


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