20 Weeks Tomorrow

Day 158 of 365

Today, when I collected eggs, I collected just five eggs. We are definitely well into the molt now. But, as I considered our lack of eggs right now, I started to wonder how close our summer babies were to laying age. I realized our little group of Salmon Faverolles, which have just been affectionately labeled as “my muppets,” were the first ones born and might be close to laying.

I normally write baby chick birthdays on the calendar in the kitchen, but I did not this year. Thankfully, I realized I have this blog as a fairly detailed record of all things chicken, duck, and garden in my life. And there it was. On May 30, Ruby became a mama, and my little muppets hatched.

I counted the weeks. This means our babies will be 20 weeks old tomorrow. Time has flown, has it not?

Anyway, I looked up to see what age Salmon Faverolles tend to start laying, and it’s 20 weeks! Of course, with the light fading, there is no telling if they will lay any time soon. The 20 weeks is really just under ideal conditions, but still, there is some hope.

Of course, right now, I can’t imagine them laying. They still seem like such babies to me and are still very, very melodramatic. When I try to pick one up, you would think I was trying to eat it. I think I’m making a little bit of progress though. They are tempted to eat treats out of my hand. No takers yet, but I can see they are considering it.

But I am excited we are close on the eggs. Their eggs are supposed to be creamy and light creamy brown. I’m going to be watching the nest boxes hopefully and keeping my fingers crossed.

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