You’re a Dragon

Day 159 of 365

photo credit: Julia Kicova, Unsplash

I wanted to write about eating seasonally tonight, but I find myself with too much work tonight. Still, I’m determined to write about eating seasonally tomorrow, and tonight, I’ll just share that we are greatly enjoying apple season. We are eating apples more than once per day every single day. I love apple season, and I find it interesting that all three of us are so joyful about the apples. We have had apple tortillas, apple crisp, apple cake, apple muffins, apple oatmeal, and we eat sliced apples at almost every meal. Today, Ron put up 14 quart bags of apples.

“We need to get more apples,” I said this morning.

“We have two bags in the basement,” Ron said. “You’re a dragon.”

I kind of am when it comes to things like apples. I feel you just can’t have enough to prepare for winter. I need a hoard. Of course, tonight, after cutting up apples all day, Ron said, “We had better go get at least one more bag of apples.”


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