A Good Memory

Day 111 of 365

It has been a long day of revising and editing and editing and revising on the annual. I also started working on our elderberries. The process is slow, but it seems like this year is going to be a great crop. I am knocking on wood as I write this, but so far, the birds haven’t really eaten the berries. Last year, they ate ALL of the berries. I picked quite a bit today, but there is much more coming.

I also spent all evening building my online writing classes that start tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the 26th fall I have been a writing teacher. I almost can’t get my head around the fact that I am old enough to have been teaching for 26 years. How is it possible?

As I built my classes, I edited by introduction letter to my students. In my letter, I always tell my students a little bit about me. I create a lot of videos too, but the letters are required. I find that I have been unable to change my introduction letter to say that I have just one dog now, instead of two. I sat and stared at my words for a bit this evening as I edited the letters. I am not sure why I couldn’t change the letter. It’s not true to say I have two Great Pyrenees. Still, I left that part in there.

Yesterday, when I was looking for the perfect picture of a perfect Rhode Island Red hen for a poem in the annual, I discovered a video of Gus I didn’t know I had. It was of me greeting him in the morning; he was all sleepy but so, so happy to see me. He was always like that. He greeted with with BIG love every time he saw me. I always did the same for him. I forgot how good that felt. We had such a bond, like this deal, that we would admire each other completely with every fiber of our beings. I miss him so.

I can’t share this video with my Ron or my son. It will make them too sad, but it’s so sweet and so wonderful. I thought, instead of writing too much tonight, I would just share this lovely video of my sweet Gus-Gus.

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