Just these spoons…

Day 112 of 365

I have injured my arm due to too much time on the computer wrapping up the print annual, so I have to be super brief tonight. Still, despite my injury, it was a lovely day. On the very bright side, I made another batch of spaghetti sauce, so I have just two rounds of that to go; I got good news from my adult daughter who has been struggling with some things of late, which, of course, leads to terrible mom anxiety; I finally made spoon butter and conditioned some of our poor wooden spoons (I adore wood spoons, so to see them look beautiful again is a little bit of joy for me): and we got 21 eggs today! That’s just unheard of for August, and I am not sure what is going on. Besides all of the babies, we have 26 laying hens, but I think 5 are completely retired. That would mean every hen who is not retired laid an egg today. I was so impressed.

Oh, on the bad news side of things. Rostropovich is a boy. I was really hopeful there for awhile. He’s a very, very passive rooster. But I heard–and saw–the crow. That was a heartbreaker.

Still, it was a lovely day. I’ll figure out what to do about Rostropovich later. If he stays passive, maybe he can stay.

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