My Farmer-ish Partner

Day 110 of 365

I will be short tonight, as I am happy to report that Ron and I spent the whole day editing and re-working the print annual. It was wonderful to me to spend the day talking writing with Ron. He’s a great writer. He inflexible, so it impacts his ability to get published. Still, he has landed a few poems, and so many who read Farmer-ish tell me they really like his work.

I am a writing teacher and have a PhD in Rhetoric. One of the reasons I fell in love with this man was because of his writing–that and his homemade bread. Oh my gosh! The first time I tasted his homemade bread (he’s a magician with bread dough), I was like, “I’m going to need to marry this man.”

The bad part was that I was sure I had just a few hours to go, but I ended up doing more than editing and wrapping up the author bio pages. I spent half of the day changing pictures to find something “perhaps just a little bit better.” Thankfully, I found what I was looking for, and I am over the moon with the photographs in this book. Many are my own, and I don’t consider myself a photographer at all. Still, I lucked into some great shots, and I am thankful for them. It is my dream to hire an original photographer for Farmer-ish, but that is just a dream for now. I have hope for one day though. In the meantime, I spent hours and hours searching through old pictures to find the perfect photograph of Rhode Island Red and the perfect trees in winter.

Anyway, Ron, I could tell, is hopeful about the annual. He told me it was very good, that I found some really strong writers, and this makes me extra hopeful. He’s terribly picky about what he reads. I’m so hopeful this annual will do well. I am including some sneak peeks here. If you follow this blog, do check out the pre-order information. I think you will love it. It’s a treat!

And I am so thankful to have a good editing partner.

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