I grew flowers…

Day 91 of 365

In the division of labor on our homestead, we try to work to our strengths. Ron grows the garden, and I care for the chickens and ducks. I do not have a good track record growing things. I think that’s why I love green beans. I can grow green beans. They are tough. I do manage the berries–pruning, fertilizing, weeding, etc., but I think I can care for them because I love berries to the moon and back. Everything else has pretty much been a failure for me.

I used to struggle even with houseplants, but I finally got those figured out–for the most part–but I have never been able to grow flowers very well. Still, this year, I was determined because we were spending a fortune on flowers every summer. It just had to be that I could figure this out, at least I thought this.

We both picked some seeds, and I picked a flower I have been in love with for the longest time–Teddy Bear Sunflowers. I read they are “low maintenance and easy to grow,” and I thought, I could maybe do this.

I have to admit that Ron had to rescue the flowers a few times when I forgot to water them, but, mostly, I grew these beautiful flowers and am so proud. I planted and watered and fertilized. I saw bees on the flowers this morning and was extra proud. These flowers are so beautiful to me that I want to invite people over to see them, like they’ve never seen a Teddy Bear Sunflower before.

Interestingly, I just saw a meme the other day in a gardening forum that said something along the lines of “true happiness is growing a flower and then having a bee land on it.” Turns out, that’s true.

2 thoughts on “I grew flowers…

  1. Crystal! Your Teddy Bear Sunflowers are beautiful!! Sunflowers always brighten up a yard or a room.😁 I’ve been growing dahlias for years…..they are addictive. There are soooo many varieties! I also grow many pollinator plants so I have tons of bees and humming birds buzzing around. My lot is small so everything is up close and personal which I love. There are so many perennial plants that are trouble free, drought tolerant that bees love. Big plants are 1. ” Actea/ Bugbane, Monarda/bee balm 2. Monarda/Bee Balm 3. Culver’s root/black root

    You can grow flowers! Peace, Pat

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    1. Oh, your comment makes me smile. I love that you grow so many pollinator plants. I hope to grow more flowers next year. It is my dream to grow something white to go with these sunflower and then make bouquets for our farm shares. Hopefully, hopefully, next year we get more rain!


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