Deep Clean

Day 92 of 365

When you find out that some of your flock have poultry lice, you Google to find out what you did wrong. The old timers will say, if you keep chickens long enough, you’re going to get a case of lice or mites, but you Google anyway. Of course, the internet shames you, says your are not taking good care of your chickens. You consider that it’s only your very old hens with the lice and that it has been a terrible summer for them because of the heat, but what if the internet is right and you are terrible chicken mom?

Of course, you are doing all of the things the internet says to do to prevent lice, but you realize that you are going to have to deep clean the coop and treat it. It is necessary when your chickens have lice, and a deep clean is always a good idea anyway.

You start about 5:00 to make sure everyone has finished laying eggs because you are going to have to treat the nest boxes. You think this whole process will take about an hour and half. You are so wrong.

About two hours in, you start questioning your life decisions.

You may ask yourself “How did I get here?”

You may ask yourself, “Why do I have so many chickens”/”

You may ask yourself, “How did chicken poop get there?”

After more than three hours and you are finally finished cleaning the coop, complete with a good vacuuming and treatment, and it’s time for straw. You put in the fresh straw and then open the coop door to let the chickens in.

And then there’s a chicken party because nothing’s more fun than a coop full of fresh straw, and then you realize this is why you do this. You love chickens, and seeing them have joyful lives, knowing they are pretty lucky chickens, makes it all worth it. And maybe, just maybe, you are not a terrible chicken mom after all.

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