Bianca’s Gift

Day 51 of 365

Bianca will be two years old next week, and I am really just now getting to know her. I am thankful for it.

Bianca was raised with Kate and Juliet. They are all named for Shakespeare characters, and they are all characters, indeed. Bianca and Juliet are almost identical chickens. The only differences are that Bianca has a few more speckles in her feathers and a dark spot on one of her legs. Oh, and Juliet is the biggest character of them all.

I noticed last week that Bianca has been flying out of the main chicken area and hanging around in the garage. She has not usually done this. That’s usually Juliet’s thing. But I realized the other day that she’s probably lonely. Kate and Juliet are her crew, and they are both raising chicks or are on eggs. Bianca’s been alone in the flock.

I am glad she decided to fly over. When chickens are away from the flock they behave differently. It’s like you really get to see who they are as individuals. In the flock, there’s a different way to behave. It’s kind of like “fit in to survive” so to speak, though we have a very relaxed flock. Still, there’s always a pecking order in a flock, and it kind of sucks to be at the bottom. Bianca is not the very bottom, but she’s down there.

Isn’t it interesting how similar their social structures are to ours?

Anyway, with Bianca hanging out with us more, it’s been great to get to know her more. She’s wicked smart like Juliet, only she’s way sweeter. I love Juliet to the moon and back, but she’s bossy and spoiled. Bianca is a very sweet girl. In fact, when we had a little kiddos visiting the flock last week, it was Bianca who was so sweet and so gently took treats from her. She’s also grateful. I gave her some treats the last few days, and she seems so appreciative.

It never occurred to me that she might also be laying her eggs somewhere outside of the coop until this weekend. I kept seeing Eastern Phoebes, so I went searching around the house to see if I could see another nest perhaps. I did not find another Easter Phoebe nest, but I did find Bianca’s stash.

There, in a perfect little nook near the wood pile, was a little stash of beautiful pale olive eggs. “Oh, Bianca, ” I said to myself.

I gathered the eggs and did the float test. Thankfully, all of the eggs were good. And I learned to start checking in Bianca’s little nook every day.

So far, every day since, except for a day she took off from laying, little Bianca has left a gift for me in her little nook. Now, every time I see her out and about, I make sure to give her a treat. Maybe we can do our trades like I normally do with Juliet–treats for an egg.

It’s one of the greatest gifts of my life to get to know these wonderful animals. I am so thankful for the gift that is Bianca.

5 thoughts on “Bianca’s Gift

  1. I started following your blog at the beginning of your writing challenge thinking i would write in mine daily using you as inspiration. i haven’t n that’s sorta okay, but just a small criticism, the blog type in gray is a strain for my older eyes to read, even enlarged. thankfully, in my email subscription copy it is clear solid black type. overall your little pieces of natural life are a refreshing interlude in my otherwise day and i can be an armchair farmer. thanks, kaymarion


    1. This is so helpful to me. The website defaults to the gray, but after reading your comment, I went in and figured out how to change the font color from the default to a dark black. It’s so much easier to see! Thank you, and I hope it’s easier on your eyes. My old, tired eyes like it much better!

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  2. I don’t read every day-sometimes I let the world tell me I’m too busy for this little haven of pleasure and refreshment–but then I come back and here are your words, reminding me with their clarity and vividness that there are things much more important than the news, important as that is. Thank you for sharing these glimpses of your life with us!


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