A Wasp Sting and a Fairy Egg

Day 52 of 365

Thursdays are the busy grading days, so I am writing late. But I spent the entire morning picking strawberries. I am in awe of how many berries our plants are producing this year. We have shared and shared, and I am pretty sure I am going to have enough berries to make all the strawberry jam this year. Well, I might go to the big strawberry farm and pick one good batch–just to be safe.

While I was out picking, I had all of these wonderful thoughts in my mind about how generous the berries were. I was watching the birds play all around me. The sun was warm, but the air was cool. I was in love with the moment and with nature. “Nature must love me back,” I thought. “Just look at how generous these berries are being.”

Then, I thought I felt something in my eye. I thought I felt a little sting. It hurt, but there were so many berries. I just kept picking. But, by the end, I realized I couldn’t keep my eye open or see very well. When I went into the house, I found I had a giant swollen eye lid, and though I could barely see my eye, it was very blood shot.

I took a Benadryl and put ice on eye. I whined until Ron gave me some attention, and he then washed out my eye, which helped. It all hurt quite a bit, though I should add that I have learned in my life I have a very low threshold for pain, and my melodramatic son comes by his melodrama naturally I think.

“Nature bit me,” I told him, “just when I was romanticizing it.”

“That wasp didn’t mean to sting you,” he said. I knew this, of course. I was still mad at the wasp. Ron could take the wasp’s side if he wanted, but I looked like Rocky.

Later, my eye was all better. Ron made a wonderful dinner with garlic scapes, salad, beets, and peas–all fresh from the garden. It was like a feast.

And, then, when I collected the eggs tonight, I found a fairy egg! It’s only the second one I have ever seen. It’s so tiny and cute.

Now, I must keep grading essays. I can’t decide if my life is very interesting or very boring.

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