Cello on the Farm

Day 20 of 365

Today was just magnificent start to finish. My son, who is 12 and dreams of being a cellist when he grows up, had an opportunity to play a little cello concert at beautiful Lone Spruce Farm here in Maine. It was so much loveliness I can’t quite express it.

I am also worn from the concert and then the talking to people after the concert. I am an introvert on the best of days, but thanks to COVID isolation, I find that I am even worse than before when it comes to mingling and speaking to people. Still, despite the tiredness of having to “people,” I had one amazing day as a cello mom.

First of all, the setting for the concert was just a dream. This farm is gorgeous with its trees and animals and a cool breeze from being on a mountain side. Our little farmstead is down in the Maine woods, so we don’t get that same lovely breeze. Second of all, my kiddo played so beautifully. I hope to have a video ready to share tomorrow, but he played Despacito on the cello just for me. He told everyone he was playing it for his mom, and when he was finished, he said, “I love you, mom.” Yeah, good stuff.

I also noticed during the little concert that one goat in particular really seemed to like the music. I have mentioned before that one of our ducks really loves the cello, and I think this goat might be a kindred sprit. I am happy to report that I have a short video of this. It’s 14 seconds of cello and farm, which is just my kind of perfect.

One additional perk of the event was that a little boy, who is just 8 years old, was in the audience. His mom said he had been wanting to see a cello in real life. She said he loves cello music but has never heard one in person. Apparently, this kiddo was counting down the hours and then minutes waiting for this little concert. Well, after the concert, this little boy had questions. He wanted to know how old the cello was, how it worked, and when my son started playing. My son showed the little boy his cello and let him touch it. I watched as my son said, “put your had right here on the cello” and then plucked the string.

The little boy pulled his hand back and in an excited voice said, “It vibrates!” I could tell this kiddo was hooked.

I told his mom to get him to cello lessons, some how, some way. I hope she listens. When a kid is this interested, you have to give them a chance, I think. I am such a big believer in music lessons for children, but that’s another essay for another day. Right now, I must go play the duck game and put the ducks to bed. I’ll have to write about the duck game soon.

I do have a quick Ruby and Kate update though. They are both doing well, though when Ruby took her break today, I snuck an egg for one last candle, and I don’t think it developed. I didn’t have time to check any other eggs because Ruby came back and demanded that I leave her eggs alone. It will be interesting to see how many chicks we get from her this week. I can’t wait to see what kind of mama she’s going to be. I hope she gets at least three or four babies.

2 thoughts on “Cello on the Farm

  1. Beautiful! I remember my daughter’s piano recitals (16years of them..including college) with warmth and pride. Thank you for sharing. Your son sounds amazing,….you have good reason to be proud.
    Happy Memorial Day!!🇱🇷

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    1. Oh, I love that you had 16 years of piano recitals! I love, love, love recitals so much. And thank you! I hope to have more of a video to share tomorrow. And Happy Memorial Day to you as well.


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