Ruby is a mama!!!

Day 21 of 365

I am sitting on our deck as I write this, and I am listening to the baby Eastern Phoebes softly cheep for their parents. I have watched both parents go out, catch bugs, and come back to the nest all afternoon. Apparently, both the mom and the dad work hard to feed baby Eastern Phoebes, and I am thankful for all of the bug catching. But both parents are away right now, and I can just barely see movement from the rim of the best. I long to see more, but I remember my promise and keep my distance.

It must be in the air. Our Eastern Phoebe babies hatched yesterday, and then, today, when we got home from our son’s cello lessons, I thought I heard a faint cheep in the garage. And then I heard a mama hen purr, and I knew for sure! Ruby is a mama for the very first time today! She seems to be over the moon, and I am over the moon for her.

So far, two of her seven eggs have hatched, and they are a day or so early, which seems to happen a lot. One baby chick seems shy. The other seems curious about my voice. Thankfully, Ruby is being great about me taking some peeks, and I am so grateful to her for that. She pecked me a bit when I lifted her a little just to see what was going on, but it wasn’t too hard. I do need to remember to give her some space, but it’s so great when the mama hens let you in a little bit.

I honestly haven’t had a mama hen be this gentle and open in quite a few years, and this surprises me about Ruby. She’s generally a pretty grumpy girl. Not today though. Today, she’s a proud, loving mama. It’s magnificent to see.

Ron is working in the garden doing big work today. I helped for a bit but had to head inside for teaching work. Of course, every time I finish a little bit of grading, I go see what Ruby and the babies are doing. And, of course, every time I do this, I find it necessary to go out to the garden to give Ron a report. Ron is not nearly so interested though.

Our wonderful neighbor came outside to her garden (our gardens are adjacent), and Ron was like, “Why don’t you show her the babies.” I got the hint and was so thankful she came over to “ooh and ahh” with me over the babies. I will try to get a video soon, so you can “ooh and ahh” with me too.

And I have to give a quick shout out and thank you to Why Not Farms in Maine. This is where the Salmon Faverolle eggs that Ruby has been sitting on came from. I am so thankful!

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