Queen Ruby

Day 347 of 365

I have a confession to make: A couple of weeks ago, the very night I wrote about Ruby living her best life and playing in the planter, I accidentally left her out all night long!

I woke up the next morning to Ruby squawking at the front door! I panicked at first and then realized, “well, she’s still here.” But I vowed to never make this mistake again.

It happened because Ruby goes into her crate we keep outside to sleep for the night when she doesn’t want to sleep in the coop. Then, we have to remember to bring her into the garage, and that night, there was a lot going on with Anna Maria, and I just forgot poor Ruby.

Usually, every evening, I close the crate door, carry her highness into the garage, and then open the crate door to allow her to run around the garage in the morning if she wants. Interestingly, she is almost never up and roaming in the morning because I have discovered over the years that Ruby likes to sleep late. Oh, I just realized. Maybe that’s one of the reasons she hates to sleep in the coop.

She was not sleeping late that morning after we left her out. She was at the front door letting me know I had done her very wrong! She was pretty upset with me. Ruby lets you know.

I am not sure what happened that night, but she actually stayed in the coop for two days solid after “the incident.” I wondered if she was scared by something and had decided the flock wasn’t too bad, but after a few days, she was back to her crate.

Now, I am super careful to check Ruby and the crate every night. Ron remembers to check too.

Tonight, Ron and I were out together closing everyone up for bed, and to make it easier to carry, we each grabbed an end of Ruby’s crate. As we carried her in, I said to Ron, “It’s like Ruby’s Cleopatra, and we’re her servants.” Ron laughed. We both agreed that Ruby is definitely a queen.

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