I guess I’ll trust you.

Day 346 of 365

Today, when I collected eggs, I found this wonderful gift from the “driveway” gang of chickens. Every single one of them laid an egg in Ruby’s crate today. Aren’t these beautiful? These are eggs from Ruby, Kate, Juliet, and Arwen.

And, tonight, I went outside by myself to see if I could get Anna Maria on my own because Ron was planting seeds well into the evening. At first, I thought she was going to run from me, and I figured I would need Ron’s help like usual. But I decided to sit down and hold out my arms for her and just see.

She came to me! It was surreal. It may never happen again, but tonight, that duck decided to trust me. Trust from someone who trusts no one is such a great honor. I cried when I told Ron what happened.

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