Once you’ve had a good egg…

Day 325 of 365

These are duck eggs, and I had to share this picture because this is the first half dozen duck eggs in 2023. Our ducks also get to free range in a fenced half acre. I think they’re pretty happy ducks too!

I am working late tonight, but I have a very cool quote to share. I am watching The Lost Kitchen while I work late, and I am on the episode in Season 2 where Erin French mentioned her pet chicken. She then talked about how she loves fresh eggs and explained that eggs from happy chickens taste better than other eggs. She said she lets her chickens free range and that they are treated very well.

I was so excited to see someone share this. It’s the truth, but so many people do not believe me. And then she said this at the end of her little talk on eggs: “Once you’ve had a good eggs, you never go back.”

Isn’t that just the truth?

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