Chicken Treats or a Fair Trade

Day 324 of 365

I think it’s important to chicken happiness for them to get healthy treats. We eat organically and fairly healthily, so our scraps and leftovers are fantastic for the chickens. It cuts down on the feed bill, helps us avoid food waste, and really it just makes the chickens’ day. They love variety. Their chicken feed is just organic pellets. How fun is that? It seems like it would be like eating cereal for every meal for your whole life. Who wants that? I have a dream of making our own chicken food–but I digress…

Today, we had quinoa and blueberries for breakfast, and Ron accidentally doubled the quinoa. This was great because it meant the chickens were in for a healthy, delicious treat. I believe in fair trades with chickens.

I love their eggs, and they help feed our family. I feel I owe these chickens a good life and good treats, so as many days as possible, I bring treats for trade when I collect the eggs. I was so happy to have the quinoa today.

When I give treats, I have a strategy to make sure everyone gets some because I always have at least two or three who were busy doing other things or were far away and miss the initial treat party. So I save a little bit back in the bowl and hold off until I see those last couple of hens, running with all of their little chicken might, just waddling at a lightning speed. It’s fantastic because they are so worried. But then, as soon as they are close enough, I drop some of the treats right in front of them. Today, when those girls saw that pile of quinoa land right at their feet when they thought they were late, they looked like they had won the lottery. One of them was Faure!

I told Ron I do this to make sure those who are late to the party still get some treats, and he said I was cool. I didn’t expect that, but it made me smile.

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