Oh, it’s spring now…

Day 322 of 365

I have so many stories to tell, but they are mostly all fantastic chicken stories, which must be given time and attention. I have some good stories to tell. One is about Mary Jane. She’s still doing pretty well!

I will have to save those stories because tonight is my son’s cello-versary. It is the anniversary of his first ever lesson on the cello. That kid fell in love with that instrument and then like all classical music and then like all the instruments. It’s in his bones. But he works very hard at it, so I try to celebrate milestones.

I have to share that, today, I took my ice cleats off! I thought to myself, “Oh, it’s spring now for real!” We are slow to get spring here in Maine.

Our property is pretty heavily treed, so the ice stays a long time in the shade. There is still some ice, but it’s melting quickly. The chickens are over the moon. I am over the moon for them.

Of course, no one is more over the moon than the ducks. There is a mud puddle everywhere, and ducks love mud puddles, maybe more than peas.

Today was so beautiful. The sun was out, and I am starting to be able to see Mother Earth. I am so thankful for the spring, somehow extra this year.

2 thoughts on “Oh, it’s spring now…

  1. “what good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness”
    -John Steinbeck –
    A quote for you today Crystal. šŸ˜

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