Music Heals

Day 307 of 365

I think I have written about this before, but this afternoon, we went to see the Bangor Symphony Orchestra. They performed Rachmaninoff. I love Rachmaninoff. When I first started listening to classical music, Rachmaninoff was one of the composers that I heard for the first time on the radio and then dropped everything I was doing to listen all the way until the end to find out who had composed such magnificence. Rachmaninoff was one of the composers that got me hooked on classical music. His work spoke to me.

Today, as I listened to the orchestra perform Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, I was moved greatly. I have been struggling terribly of late with some health issues. I haven’t written about them because they are difficult to talk about–and I try so hard to stay positive–and I don’t think they are anything too serious–and I think I finally found a doctor who is helping–but a toll has been taken for sure. Anyway, when I heard that music, I forgot everything. I forgot my headaches and joint pain and stress and just felt the music all over my body.

How does it do this? It’s the vibrations, maybe. I think we might all have vibrations. Maybe that music today fit perfectly with my vibration. I don’t know, but I sure wish to go back and feel that way all the time.

Also, I have read about some people playing music for their farm animals. I am going to have to talk to Ron about classical music for the coop. I have no idea what he’s going to say. I’ll keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Music Heals

  1. I surmise it would help the coop greatly. I’ve read articles about how mothers who listened to classical music while pregnant, and also their children during their early years, experienced benefits.


  2. I am a musician and music can really help the healing process. Some say the science behind it helps (vibrations and frequencies) and other say the emotional influence is key. Nonetheless, if the shoe fit, wear it. If listening to music or even playing music helps in any way, embrace that and do it more often. Seek out different kinds of music and see how they help. Good luck!

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