Just Another Manic Monday

Day 308 of 365

This title is misleading, but I had to steal from the Bangles, of course, since I am writing about a busy Monday. Most of my Mondays are not manic. I work very hard to make sure of this, but today was epic. I am worn out, and I keep thinking, “It’s only Monday.”

Today started with the sad reality that I had to get up at 6:30, which was really 5:30. I hate Spring Forward. You just know they’re doing this to torture us. I read that our government considered doing away with all of it but wanted to stick with the time that scientists said would be the worst option. I mean, of course, that’s what our American government would do: Let’s see, we have all of this research saying this works best. Ok, let’s do the opposite because I disagree.

Obviously, nothing was done anyway, and I am sorry that my disillusionment is showing.

Then, it was work and dentist and cello lessons and homeschool and work and a winter walk and pies for Pi Day tomorrow and duck peas and dinner from scratch, which took me forever, and I guess now I am here complaining about it to you.

It’s not that bad though because, as I mentioned, I seldom have a manic Monday.

Tonight, Ron came in from tucking in the chickens and caught me in a meltdown because our stove does not work very well. It is less than two years old. It was not cheap. And, yet, it is so very cheap. It’s shocking to me how poorly things are made now. I guess I’m getting old and sound like my grandparents. I remember them always saying, “They don’t make things like they used to.” They should see us now!

Anyway, Ron said all the right things: “Look at those beautiful pies you made and one for the neighbor, which is so kind. And look at those beautiful homemade tortillas (he made them earlier, and I was very thankful). And think about how fortunate we are to eat such good food and have such a good life.”

So I took a deep breath and remembered how fortunate I am. I needed that reminder so badly today. Sometimes, I forget

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