Day 300

Day 300 of 365

I wanted to write something profound tonight for my 300th post, but I am working late with essays. Still, I wanted to write to those of you who follow this blog to say thank you for your kind words and for your support. When I started this journey into writing, I hoped I might find a way to write a book about chickens. I think I found my way, and I’m working on a proposal. This is big for me, and it’s thanks to hearing from readers about what they love to read. So thank you to all of you.

I received this gift in the mail from a reader, and it was a beautiful reminder that stories about farm animals and nature and living close to the land can inspire people. It’s such a beautiful collage, and I love the words.

I received another gift related to Eastern Phoebes that I will have to share in the spring. I check the nest and make a wish ALL the time. I hope with all of my heart they come back in the spring.

I have 65 days to go.

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