A Rooster Update

Day 297 of 365

I just wanted to share a Rooster update. He has had no new injuries, but I have made him sleep in the crate in the garage at night the last two nights. He just walks out to the coop in the mornings, and Ron lets him in.

But last night, when I went to get him to put him in the garage, I saw he was on the second rung of the roosts. This made me so sad because Rooster is always on the top roost. He’s the flock leader. He’s old and worn out, I am sure. He worries all the time. I know how tired makes you to worry too much. It’s hard to see him in decline.

My plan for tonight is to just let him sleep in the coop if he’s still on the second rung, though that would make me so sad to see it happen again. If he’s on the top rung, I may bring him in. His comb looks better, but it still pretty rough.

In fact, I should go check on him right now. It’s pretty late. In fact, I’m going to go to that right now…

Well, he was on the top rung, which is great, but he was trying to hide from me because he knew. I just let him stay. Hopefully, he will be okay. He was perched next to Jane though, so that’s a bit of a worry. Hopefully, he won’t snore too much. It’s good for him to be back on the top rung.

I have to tell you chicken snoring is the cutest thing to me. I mean, it’s sad poor Rooster snores because of his health struggles, but when Broody Hen was alive, she had a fantastic snore. Do you know how Big Bird from Sesame Street snores? It was actually kind of like that. I tried to record it, but my presence in the coop would always wake her up. That hen was the best.

4 thoughts on “A Rooster Update

      1. Pat, he’s so great. I hope he can hang in there a bit longer. I have thought about trying to take him to the vet, but I took a chicken once and a duck once, and both times, it cost a fortune for the vet to tell me what I already knew. Still, it crosses my mind with him because he’s so magnificent. He won’t go to the bathroom when he’s in the house for health care. He holds it! Most chickens do not do this. He’s very, very regal.


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