Safe and Sound

Day 271 of 365

We made it through the worst of the cold, and I am grateful! This morning, I was worried for a bit that I didn’t hear a rooster crow, but shortly after I got up, I heard a crow from the coop. I was really happy to hear that crow. It was Rooster’s. Dvorak has a fantastic crow. It’s classic and smooth. Rooster’s crow is kind of a scream, only scratchy. It’s not super pleasant, but I know it so well that it has become a comfort to me. It was especially comforting to hear this morning.

Everyone did well, and I was a bit worried because one side of our coop is pretty exposed and doesn’t have good wind blockage. But I was able to do a pretty good check of everyone with a large comb, and everyone looked good. I forgot to check the roosters’ waddles though. I had better do that tomorrow.

The ducks held up great, chose to stay outside in a little nook we made for them by their house, Then, in the evenings, they let me put them up and then come back later and feed peas and give drinks right before bedtime. They seemed great this morning, and we did the same routine today.

The only issue I am seeing is that a couple of the hens who really like to roam, even in the cold, are getting a little stressed being stuck in the coop. When I brought snacks today, I could see that a few people had a little edge to them.

I am so glad they will get to get out tomorrow morning. They are going to be so happy. I am so happy.

I just opened the back door to let Bairre outside and noticed it felt so warm tonight. I wondered what the temperature was, so I went to look. It was -1. Isn’t it wild that -1 feels so much warmer?

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