Pyrenees “Glitter”

Day 268 of 365

Today, while my son was in piano lessons, I did a quick grocery pick up to get some fresh fruits and some lettuce heads to make treat strings for the chickens when they are stuck in the coop all day later this week. When the young man brought out my groceries, he said, “Oh, somebody has a fluffy dog!” I looked at the back of my car, and I somehow just don’t even realize it, but there was Great Pyrenees hair noticeably in the car. Bairre rides in the car sometimes. The interior of our car is black. We use a quilt, but still, Pyrenees hair is magic. It wants to be everywhere.

“Yeah,” I said. “We have two Great Pyrenees.”

“Are those the big fluffy white dogs?”

“Yeah, they’re very fluffy.” I said.

He said his sister has a Husky, and the back of her car is the same.

Great Pyrenees hair being on everything in and around your home (I love that birds in our area use Pyrenees fluff in their nests) is a well-documented experience of all Great Pyrenees owners. I have seen people in farm-dog groups call it “Pyrenees glitter.”

This seems proper to me. Great Pyrenees are pretty magical to me. They are difficult but so fascinating. If you have patience with them, you will learn so much. It’s like they have superpowers I don’t have. Of course, I have superpowers they don’t have. I mean, I can open the refrigerator and have the ability to provide a never-ending supply of bully sticks.

Plus, Pyrenees hair is such a reality that we might as well be positive about it. If we don’t sweep and vacuum every single day, we can get overrun.

This is Bairre, my little fluffy, difficult, sweet, charming, egocentric baby. He loves the snow, belly rubs, toys, socks, shoes, frozen peas, and graham crackers. He and Boudica are both too smart, and so I am often having to settle arguments. They never fight. They just tell on each well. Well, okay, Bairre tells on Boudica because she outsmarts him all the time. But, in the end, he gets mom and dad involved, so who outsmarts whom?

I can’t tell. I’ll have to keep watching

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