How to Make Friends with a Chickadee

Day 267 of 365

Today was a busy one. We had much to do to get ready for the terrible cold that is coming. It’s supposed to be -20 degrees Fahrenheit here in a couple of days, and it’s supposed to be -4 tonight. We cleaned every nook and cranny of the coop to make sure it is a dry as possible. Ron did the heavy lifting while I vacuumed the dust out of the nooks and crannies and also cleaned the cobwebs out of the rafters. On top of this, we lucked into some really good straw, so we filled that coop up with beautiful, fluffy straw.

Ron also brought out the ceramic heater, and all the wires seemed to be good condition. It’s still somewhat risky to use a heater at all, and I won’t sleep well tonight. Still, I think it’s Rooster, Mary Jane, and Lucy’s best chance at making it. They are all three just so old, though I have to tell you about Mary Jane. Three days ago, I saw her in the coop, not going outside to play during the day. Her comb was dark. I thought to myself, “I think she’s finally at her end.” I petted her extra. Thankfully, after all of these years, she just lets me pet her.

But, yesterday, I saw her out and about with her comb looking great. We have been playing this game for two years. Dark comb. Tired Mary Jane. I can see that it’s her heart or heart-related, but somehow, she just seems to get it going right again every time. I realize that, one day, probably soon, she’s just going to pass, but I’ve been thinking that for 2 years. I can’t believe she is a meat bird. Meat birds are not bred to live very long lives, like 18 months, maybe 2 or 3 years. She will be 6 years if she makes it to June! How is that even possible?

Anyway, we worked so long getting both the chickens and ducks ready, that I barely had time to homeschool and work. Thankfully, my kiddo is old enough that he can some of his school work on his own, but I have much work to do tonight.

I did read the coolest thing today though from a wildlife photographer. She took these amazing photographs of chickadees because they follow her around! Like Thoreau! I wondered to myself, “What do you have to do to get a chickadee to be your friend like that?” And then I read on, and she shared what to do! She said, when you have chickadees at your feeder, just remove the feeder and stand with the seeds in your hands. She said they will come to your hands, and eventually, they will follow you around!

You know I am going to have to try this!

photo credit: Patrice Bouchard

One thought on “How to Make Friends with a Chickadee

  1. Thanks for sharing your prep of the coop for sub zero weather. I am so nervous for all the animals that will be dealing with this. So glad that is is very short lived.
    I worry for my daughters chickens, ducks and geese….. they are doing prep with dry straw and I think a heat light. Kenyon is working this weekend and Koren will be home alone which makes me worry more. 😫
    How everyone at your farm does ok.

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