Winter Walk in the Woods

Day 251 of 365

Today, our family went for a walk in the woods behind our house. Our part of the woods is very small, but our neighbors own the rest and let us hike around when we like. There are no trails, so we do not often venture into the deeper parts of the woods. But we did today!

Even though I fell once and was whipped in the face so many times by tree branches, I had an amazing time. I love the woods in the winter. Because of ticks, we cannot got into the woods in the summer, so winter is the time. I’m a slow walker, a huge fan of sauntering, but I was extra slow today because I kept taking pictures of beautiful things and also had to hug a few trees. I had the best time!

These are some of my favorite photos from my winter walk today. I made a slideshow that I hope works. I think my favorite photo is of the tree full of woodpecker holes. Isn’t that cool?

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