Still Standing

Day 228 of 365

I will be brief, but I am determined to write a little today. We still have power. The lights keep flickering, but we have gas for the generator, food and lettuces for the chickens, and Ron managed to bake bread while I was out running errands today. Oh, and I made my first focaccia bread last night. We are as prepared as we can be, I think,

But, so far, by some miracle (and I literally just stopped typing to knock on wood) our little branch is holding up. I am going to drive up the road tomorrow and see if it is still standing then–that is if I can get out of the frozen driveway. I know the ice is next.

Oh, the lights just flickered though. I had better hurry and post. No time to hunt for a picture.

I will tell a very quick Ruby story. We let her stay in the garage today because of the storm, but when it got dark, it was time for her to go to the coop. I ran out in the torrential rains and told Ruby to come with me. I ran. She ran. I looked down, and she was right behind me. I opened the coop door, and she ran right in.

I have no words for how much I love that little chicken,

Stay safe and warm, everyone. I know it’s terrible everywhere. My family is in Texas and Oklahoma, and they have some tales of winter woe for sure.

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