My Day in Pictures December 15, 2022

Day 220 of 365

It’s Thursday, so I can only share pictures again tonight. Today, I have evidence of my efforts last night to bake cookies and hang the stockings. Unfortunately, my grown daughter kept her stocking last year and lost it, so we are short a stocking. I want to make her one, but I know I won’t get it done. I barely got the stockings hung. Still, I would like to try.

I also am getting better at making the potholders for the Etsy shop. I feel these were the most beautiful ones I have made so far. Oh, and I took a picture of the back-up camera in my little Subaru because I think it saves chickens’ lives. Our special chickens, who spend some of their day is in the front yard. are very good at dodging the UPS truck, but some of them, Juliet especially, know my car and won’t move.

This terrible habit started one day when Juliet wouldn’t move, so I could drive. So I got out and gave her treats by the coop to get her to move. Well, it took ONE time, and she had figured out a master plan. Now, she sometimes makes me late for things with her spoiled ways. So I am really thankful for the back-up camera.

I do have a quick Rooster update. He’s seems to be getting better. He’s getting so much better he was a stubborn about medicine today. But we did it, and he’s really, really cool. He’s pretty old. I hope he can continue to get better.

2 thoughts on “My Day in Pictures December 15, 2022

  1. Looks like home sweet home. ♥️🎄❄️
    Love back up cameras…. I’m sure they didn’t consider chickens when the created it but soooo useful on a farm!

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    1. I mean, right? Especially when you have a sassy chicken like Juliet who thinks she doesn’t have to move for my car. Ron says she always moves for him in his pick up. I’m going to write a story about her soon because she will literally stand in front of the car when I am in the driveway and not allow me to pass. 🙂


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