My Day in Pictures

Day 213 of 365

It’s Thursday night and grading night, so I just have pictures to share from the day. First, I finished the baby quilt I was working on, and I am so pleased with it. I love these fabrics so much. I took a picture with Betty on the bench on next to the table because she was my “helper” the whole way. Second, these are some of the carnival squash from the fall harvest. I love that we continue to eat from our garden all winter. I need to write more about how we do this. Grocery prices are so terrible. Third, this is Bella in the chicken coop today. She was a working kitty because, as you may have expected from my post about the beautiful rat a few months ago, we have too many rats now. She really didn’t seem that interested in working though, but we hope just her scent and sound will help. Ron put Betty in the coop with her, but Betty freaked out and demanded to be taken back inside. I thought this was very interesting. Finally, we got six eggs today! This is very good for winter. The coolest thing is that I know who laid every one of these eggs, except for one. The dark one is Hector. The khaki egg is Kate. There are two green/olive eggs. One is from Ruby, and the lighter one is from Cora. The light brown egg is from Penelope, and the medium brown egg is a mystery. I wish I knew who laid the egg. One of the perks of knowing who lays what egg is that I can assess health by the health of the eggs. It’s like a little cheat in chicken care because chickens are very good at masking health problems.

Also, just look at that puppy in the background. He so wanted one of those eggs.

I love all of these pictures.

2 thoughts on “My Day in Pictures

  1. Great photojournalism Crystal!
    I do wish the quilt picture was bigger … can only enlarge it a little…. so that I can get a good look at the fabrics. Love the eggs with puppy face. 😂


    1. Pat, I am going to try to make all of those bigger today. I was in such a hurry last night that I couldn’t fight with it, but I definitely want those pictures to be a bit bigger…


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