Bairre, the Celebrity

Day 207 of 365

Today was a great day! We had to take some copies of the Farmer-ish annual to the MOFGA store in Freeport, Maine today, and the MOFGA store is in LL Bean park. Since the trip was so long, we had to take Bairre, so we decided to take Bairre for a walk through the park area to let him stretch his legs and to give all of us a chance to see the beautiful holiday decorations–okay to give me a chance to see the beautiful holiday decorations. Truly, the decorations in the park were gorgeous. I had never been to LL Bean part during the holiday season, and it was lovely!

But the best part was Bairre. He was a celebrity! It took us nearly one hour to walk about three blocks, and it was because people were coming from every direction to see Bairre! People were oohing and ahhing and asking if they could pet him. And, when they did, Bairre just leaned in. He is a charmer! He grunted and wagged his tail and gave hugs. Two ladies actually came back after a first round of Bairre snuggles and asked for more. We were like, “sure!” Two little girls, both under the age of 5, just kissed and kissed him on his little head. Children were squealing with delight when they touched his fluffy fur. He is fantastically fluffy! A couple of times, there was actually a line. For real, people were waiting in line to get their turn to pet Bairre. I’ll bet Bairre officially greeted 100 people today. Maybe more.

And, of course, there were a million questions, so Ron and I had to give a few TED Talks on Great Pyrenees: Yes, they are quite chill. But, yes, they are still difficult dogs. Yes, they are great with children. Yes, they get very, very big. And, yes, they are very, very fluffy.

It was the best day. I could not stop smiling. The whole park was all festive, so it was like Bairre added this mini polar bear experience to the whole thing. Even Ron and our son were smiling all afternoon, and they are usually quite Grinchy about holiday festivities.

It is interesting to see who Bairre is as a person. Neither of our other Pyrenees have been so charming to people. In fact, Gus was suspicious of everyone–for ever. But Bairre just loves to be admired. I swear, I could see his little puppy head getting bigger by the minute, but I was glad for it. He’s a beautiful creature, inside and out. He should be admired.

2 thoughts on “Bairre, the Celebrity

  1. OMG, this is the best story.! I only wish I was at LL Beans to meet celebrity Biarre as I only live 20 minutes away. Imagine how many people went home talking about the adorable Great Pyrenees puppy they saw…. NOTHING is sweeter than puppies and it sounds like Biarre knows how to work a crowd, haha. 😂
    I also appreciate LL Beans beautiful Christmas decorations and festivities…..they do a great job!🎄😍


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