Chocolate Egg

Day 205 of 365

Our power is flickering, as it is literally “a dark and stormy night.” But I have to share this quickly. I found a new, very dark egg in the nest boxes today. This is darker than the other egg, and it’s truly a chocolate egg. Isn’t it magnificent?

It must be this one is from Hector (our Black Copper Maran), as she should be laying the darkest egg out there, based on breed, which means the first lighter chocolate egg must be from Faure (our Blue Copper Maran). I cannot believe Hector lays such a gorgeous egg. This is the goal for the breed, a prized egg. I have to give a big thank you to Why Not Farms because Hector is from their breeding program, and she’s perfect in every way–not just in her eggs.

I also cannot believe that there are people in this world who read my blog almost every day and know exactly who Hector and Faure are. I love that other people know our chickens. They’re cool people.

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