The cranberries are my favorite…

Day 199 of 365

It was a good day, though I was a little sick with some kind of terrible allergies this morning. Benadryl saved the day, and I was able to finish out the cooking; still, I was most thankful today we decided to have a small feast, much smaller than usual. It turned out that I especially needed an easy day.

We had decided earlier this month that we would have a simple Thanksgiving with the goal have a meal consisting only of food from our little farm. We mostly did it, but the accessaries included ingredients from the store. I made pumpkin pies and a key lime pie. We had neither pumpkins nor limes on the farm this year, though I am consulting with Ron about the possibility of having my very own pumpkin patch this coming year. We just don’t know where to put it, but there has to be a place for pumpkins.

I made two pumpkin pies today–one for Ron and one for our neighbor. When I was talking to my neighbor yesterday, she said she made homemade pies to donate to a fundraiser and was too tired to make more pies for Thanksgiving for herself and husband, so they were having store-bought pies themselves. That’s my neighbor. She’s so kind and always sacrificing her wants and needs for others, so I decided to make an extra homemade pie for her since store-bought pies seem sad to me. They are just not the same. I hope it was good. I am a pretty good pie maker, and people will rave about my berry pies because I love berries deeply and know how to honor them in pie. But I do not like pumpkin pie (it’s a texture thing for me), so I worry I don’t make good pumpkin pies. I can’t taste test.

It was a lovely dinner, and it was made even more lovely by the fact that Ron grew almost everything. I forgot the one other exception was the cranberry sauce. I made it homemade, but the cranberries came from the store. They were local though, and I adore fresh cranberries and the sauce. The color is so vibrant and beautiful!

The limes definitely were not local, but they were such a treat. My son, who doesn’t like pie at all, actually really liked it. That made my mom’s heart happy.

It was a cozy, somewhat restful Thanksgiving. I think it will be a while before I make a big, fancy dinner again. Today was too nice. In fact, it was one of my favorite Thanksgivings. I hope yours was lovely as well!

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