Bairre’s Big Day

Day 198 of 365

Today, Bairre had his first visit to the vet, and he did a great job, better than any dog I have ever taken to the vet really. I was quite impressed. It helped that he was greatly adored by the entire staff.

The vet tech said they don’t often see Pyrs in their office, and she was excited to meet Bairre. When she bent down and started to talk sweet to him, he grunted his little piggy grunt that I thought was reserved for me and Ron. He really liked here, as did I. After doing the initial exam and taking his temperature, she said it would be a little while of a wait for the vet, as they were running quite behind today.

My son and I got on the floor with Bairre, getting comfortable for a long wait. I was hoping Bairre would do okay with a bit of wait, but I shouldn’t have worried. Apparently, word got out that there was a Pyrenees puppy in the office, and Bairre had a long stream of visitors, all young women, who came into the room to say hi to “the fluffy puppy.” Each one came in, sat in the floor, and talked very sweet to Bairre for a few minutes. They all admired him greatly and told him how wonderful he was.

I could tell he really liked all of this, and it was interesting to me that he started looking at the door waiting for his next big fan. In total, he had 7 or 8 visitors, and it was great to see him be so sweet to everyone. No else got his little grunt, but you could tell he was pleased they were so pleased with him.

When we brought him home, he slept for a good bit and then got up and was full of fire. He was sassy. He was difficult. He was bossy. I told Ron that maybe Bairre’s trip to the vet had gone to his head, and he seemed to think he could just do whatever he wanted tonight. “Maybe being told you’re perfect all day goes to your head, ” I said.

“Oh, well, he is perfect,” Ron replied.

It is adorable to me that Bairre is Ron’s baby, and Ron thinks Bairre hung the moon. I love this so much.

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