The Farmer-ish Etsy Shop

Day 179 of 365

Today, I am proud. I still have work to do, but I somehow, miraculously, managed to get some of the new items posted in the Etsy Shop today. I have a couple of new makers who are making things for Farmer-ish, and I am over the moon to have their crafts. Last year, our Farmer-ish Etsy shop did really well and almost completely funded two issues of the journal and made it so I could pay writers a little more. I wanted to get some lovely stuff to go in there this year. And I think I did.

I will have more things coming in the next couple of days (I just couldn’t quite finish it all, as I am slow at building the store materials), but there are some lovely treats in there. If you read this blog, you likely know someone who is farmer-ish. If you plan to buy a gift for them this holiday season, please consider our Etsy shop. Truly, the shop keeps us going. There is a reason Taproot (a magazine I love) does so well. It has a fantastic shop. I have to humbly emphasize that our shop is nowhere near the size and scope of Taproot’s shop, but we added some things. And I am over the moon to get to work with good makers and to add to the things I make myself. I love making those candles, and they do so well in the shop. And I am so darn excited about those custom mugs!

Anyway, thank you for considering. Your support helps keep this journal and this blog going. It’s a labor of love for sure.

4 thoughts on “The Farmer-ish Etsy Shop

  1. I am going to try the candle! I am wondering if you need any jars. I buy Maine’s Beekeeper honey that comes in a 40 oz jar. I have so many as I hate to throw away. I am located in Mariaville so I could meet you or deliver if you would like them


    1. Sherry, thank you! I hope you love the candle! And that’s so kind about the honey jars, but that would be a little big for us. And I have to tell you that I have a jar thing, so turning down jars is very, very hard for me. 🙂 But just thank you!


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