My Day in Pictures

Day 174 of 365

There were many reasons for me to take pictures today. The best part of the day, I think (and there were many good parts), was watching Bella discover the new puppy. She was very, very stressed last night. He was very calm, but she was just like, “nope.” And she stayed in the basement all night and still didn’t want to come up this morning. So I convinced and convinced her, and she finally came upstairs. She’s a very sweet, sensitive kitty. When she saw he wasn’t too bad and that Betty was fine with him, she got brave and kept smelling and touching him. I couldn’t tell if she wanted to swat him or just touch him, and I think it was just touch him. But I am not 100 percent sure, as there may have been a swat urge in there. I’ll let you see what you think from the pictures. They are adorable!

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