One Day to Puppy

Day 172 of 365

Tomorrow is puppy day. I have gone from feeling fairly nervous to feeling mostly excited. Tomorrow, I get to meet our new family member. That’s worth being excited about, right? We have to get up very early tomorrow for the drive, and I am not looking forward to that. Still, I am looking forward to meeting our new little boy.

I am thankful tonight that it has finally turned back to chilly fall weather. For most of this week, it was so hot and muggy that I was very grumpy. My son and I wore shorts on Wednesday. I was grumping all around, complaining that I moved from Texas to get away from the heat–blah, blah, blah. But the heat broke!

The fire is back, and the air is cool and crisp again. I am thankful. I love the cozy wood stove. So do our kitties. This is Bella. She really enjoys a good fire in the wood stove. Isn’t she in for a rude awakening tomorrow when we bring the puppy home. Bella and her sister, Betty, are used to being the babies. Ron was saying the other day that he has never once seen Betty or Bella hiss. “That’s about to change,” he said. Indeed.

Oh, and I wanted to share that the people I gave the rooster to updated me today. They sent me a couple of pictures. He seems to be doing very well. They said he enjoyed his day meeting his new ladies and munching on pumpkin. This made my heart happy.

But I have studied this little boy closely for a long time. I could see in this picture that he was pretty shocked at the move, like he was trying to adjust and take it all in, but it was kind of shocking to him. He sweet little faced looked a little bit like, “What_has_happened?”

He was so close to his sister, so I know he must miss her terribly. Ron and I talked about how tough it must be to be a chicken. They are so smart, so sensitive, and to be just kidnapped at night and moved to a new home. That’s a lot!

It was his chance at a good life though, so I know he will be good in the long run. And chickens are so, so, so resilient. Too resilient really. It’s their resiliency that allows them to be abused so much in this world. They can take the abuse and keep going. But, I won’t go on that rant tonight. Needless to say, I have a great deal of respect for chickens, and I know he’s going to be okay. I’ll bet, even by tomorrow, he’s adjusting fine. Plus, I saw the pictures of his ladies. They look very pretty. I am sure he thinks so, too.

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