Puppy Stuff and Saying Goodbye to a Rooster

Day 171 of 365

It was a busy day, and it’s Thursday night, which means a lot of grading. But I have two mostly good things to report.

First, after my son’s cello lessons, we ran to the pet store to buy puppy food and toys. I was supposed to buy a chew toy of some kind and something fun to play with, but I felt completely overwhelmed by all of the toys. I felt all of the toys looked like they could be choking hazards to a puppy in one way or another. But we did end up with toys, too many toys. And we had to get a new unicorn for Boudica because her unicorn is losing its stuffing. And there, somehow, between the organic dog food and the toys (also Boudica needed her Greenies), I said goodbye to my money. Oh puppies!

I’m hopeful about getting our puppy this weekend but still pretty nervous. We have third pick out of a litter of seven puppies. I hope we’ll just know which one to get. I’ll probably want to take home more than one, but then it would be “goodbye money” for sure!

In other news, I found a home for our little mix-breed rooster. I am hopeful for him. He will have his own flock, and the people were very kind. They offered to pay me, which, of course, I did not accept, but it seems like a good sign they were willing to pay for a good rooster. I am going to miss him terribly, but we still have one too many roosters that I am just trying to make work out. Still, I am really going to miss him. He is so beautiful and seems like a very good rooster so far.

I delivered him to the people tonight. It broke my heart to go kidnap him out of the coop. He squawked and squawked and thought about fighting me, but I held him close and rubbed his little feet and talked sweet to him until he settled down. I told him I was doing my best to give him a chance and that he was going to have to be brave. I told him he would have his very own flock of girls to take care of.

When I met the people, I felt hopeful because the husband said, “People think they’re just birds, but they have real feelings.”

“They surely do,” I told him.

It makes me hopeful that this rooster is going to a home where chickens are appreciated. One time, I gave some chickens to a home that didn’t fully respect chickens, and I swore I would never do that again.

The only bad news is that the people lost their last rooster to a hawk attack. I sure hope my little guy can dodge until he gets big enough to fight. He’s going to have to grow up fast, but he’s a very smart rooster. I can see that already.

And, when the people told me they got a scarecrow to scare off the hawk, as that’s what people say to do, I had to tell them that I had a hawk kill a chicken right at the feet of our scarecrow. They looked crestfallen. I hated to tell them that hard truth, but I did tell them that running lines of old cds all through the area did help. I hope they will try it.

Anyway, cross your fingers for my little boy, who is not my little boy any more.

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