Pumpkin Progress

164 of 365

Today was the best day. It was far too busy, but it was still a great day. We just finished the second Farmer-ish online reading party, and it was wonderful. I got to listen to stories about happy cows, chicken folklore, and the thin veil between worlds during this time of the year. It was magnificent.

And I wanted to share that Ruby is doing fairly well in her adjustment to life back in the coop. I worried so much about her since she had lived in the garage since early May, but she did it. She complains to me a bit at bedtime, but she goes back to the coop. She, of course, flies right out in the morning, but that’s fine. We just had to move her out of the garage because, in winter, it’s too cold for her to stay in there. Plus, we have pipes above the garage that would freeze if we left the door open for her. So she has been a big girl. She does complain, but I am very proud of her. I love that little stinker of a chicken.

The chickens are making great progress on the pumpkin. I didn’t get a picture tonight, but they finally made it through the center. This picture is from last night though. It was dark before I could get out there to take a picture, but I loved how spooky the pumpkin looked with the flashlight on it. I am going to love putting a candle in this thing and showing all of our neighbor kids on Halloween that this is the pumpkin my chickens carved. That’s going to make my night!

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