Just This Chicken Video

Day 163 of 365

It’s Thursday night, so I am up to my ears in giving feedback to students. Actually, tonight, I am grading revisions from my freshmen students. Although my work with my graduate students can be more challenging in some ways, working with freshmen college students is definitely the most challenging work I do. I have more to go, so I will be brief tonight and just share this video of my chickens working on their pumpkin.

They made a little progress yesterday, so I put more seeds on today and got a video this morning. The best part is just seeing and hearing these sweet girls. I love the ones who keep going back and forth, kind of fretting around the edges. You can definitely see pecking order at play here. Some hens are allowed up front. Others are not. But aren’t they all just the cutest things?

And Piatigorsky makes an appearance. You will see her, and at the very end, she walks right in front of the camera. She’s light gray and just beautiful! I hope this makes you smile.

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