The Piano Tuner

Day 126 of 365

Today was one of the strangest days I think I may have ever had. I am not able to write much about it, as there is much processing to do. But on the very sad side of things, I have bad news about my kitty, Sophie. She has taken a serious turn for the very worse. She is old and has been struggling with her health for some time. Nearly three years ago, the vet said she might have a year left. Sophie showed him, but I am sad that she is not immortal. I am heartbroken, actually, that she is not immortal. I had to call today and make an appointment for Friday for her. I may not be able to write much in the coming days.

photo credit: Geert Pieters, Unsplash

On the better side today, the piano tuner came today to tune the piano. I adore this guy. He farms and tunes pianos and has lived all over and has great stories. We talked far too long today about tomatoes and apple trees (he used to work at an apple orchard in Washington state) and the love letters he wrote to his wife when they were apart for a year. I also learned about some of the interesting places he has tuned pianos. He said he tuned a piano in Massachusetts one time, and the owner of the home told him she told every single person who came to visit the history of the house. It was the house where Henry David Thoreau died. He said the lady said Thoreau was there, with his sister, and I do know his sister was with him when he died. How fascinating is that?

I wish we could invite this guy for tea and stories. I really wish Sophie was immortal.

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