Day 116 of 365

I will not write much tonight because I had a long day helping my daughter. Then, tonight, I had the wonderful opportunity to talk on the phone with my aunt, who has also been a life teacher for me. I love talking with her.

During our talk, I learned something I never knew. I am a first-generation college student, but I did not know that my grandfather was not literate. She said he was very smart and good at numbers but struggled to read and write.

This was profound to me. I teach people how to write for a living. I love doing it. I love helping people become more literate. I run a journal where I publish award-winning writers. My grandfather could not write.

I am so thankful. Truly, I have worked hard. But, truly, I have been very fortunate in my life. I believe in luck, and believe I have been very lucky in my life. It’s kind of a weird version of luck though. One of these days, maybe this winter, I will write about Cormac McCarthy and luck.

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