The Garden and Dvorak

Day 114 of 365

It’s been good but busy day. I got an email confirmation that the print annual is in production, and that’s the best feeling in the world. It should be here on time for the Common Ground Fair, which is really kind of a big deal in the agricultural community here in Maine. I’m hopeful. I also got news that an essay I have been working on has been accepted for Modern Farmer, which is a fantastic magazine, one of the best in this field, and I am really excited about it. I also made another batch of spaghetti sauce, so I am tired. It’s such a good tired though.

We ate from the garden for all of our meals today. For dinner, we just at a bunch of vegetables and homemade breadsticks. I think our son was a little disappointed in dinner, but Ron told him he read a study that, if you start eating healthy before the age of 20 (and doing some other healthy things too), you can add ten years to your life. Our son was not impressed. He’s thirteen. Isn’t it just so hard to imagine your old age when you are young? I am very much able to imagine mine now as I get closer. I could go for adding ten years, but I did not have a health diet as a child. And my diet was even worse as a young adult. I ate far too many fast-food burgers and ramen noodles during my college years. I sure eat well now though. I took some pictures of the beautiful gold in my life today. I’m rich for sure!

The only bad news today is that I am having to decide what to do about the two baby roosters I now know I have. Both Dvorak and Rostropovich seem like really great roosters, and a good rooster is hard to find. Still, we have our old rooster to think about and can only keep on baby boy. This means I have to try to find a home for one of them. And choosing feels terrible. Also, finding a good home that is up to my standards is hard. I did find a lady who seems wonderful, and she really wants one of the boys. But she lives like three and half hours away. Even if we met in the middle, it’s a long drive. Ron is against long drives to deliver baby roosters, but we’ve done it before. Still, this one would be the longest ever. My fingers are crossed something works out. I love both of those little roosters so much. This is definitely the hardest part of getting baby chicks from local breeders. The babies can’t be sexed, and you know you are going to get some roosters.

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