Sounds from the Farm

Day 23 of 365

It’s been a long day for this mama. I cannot write much tonight, as I have miles to go before I sleep, and today was a tough day for my kiddo. He’s fine, but it was one of those days when we just had to drop everything and help a pre-teen dealing with all of the emotions and struggles of growing up. I am a tired mama.

I will just share about another mama quickly. I did confirm that Ruby has seven babies! They are pretty active and were all over her for quite a bit of the afternoon. Sometimes, I was pretty sure she looked like a tired mama too. I mean, seven is a lot. But, of course, she’s smitten with them, as we are. Plus, they are too cute for words, and that always helps.

I am sharing this video I took today because it just makes me smile. I was trying to video Ruby and her babies, and some of the hens were in the coop behind me laying and singing, so very loudly, the song of their people. This made our rooster, Rooster, join in, so you can hear him too. Then, on top of that, in the distance, you can hear the crows cawing.

Underneath all of that, if you listen carefully, you can hear Ruby purr. I didn’t know chickens purred until I heard a mama hen purring for her babies. It’s so soothing. I hope you can catch a little soothing underneath the farm chaos otherwise.

And more tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Sounds from the Farm

  1. Being a Mama to small people is emotionally very tough at times. It can go from pride and joy one day(Cello concert) to heartbreak and sadness the next day(someone bullying your kid). Let me give you the bad news….it continues into adulthood.Yup, their joys are your joys AND their tears are your tears……and the tears are about bigger and harder things as adults that only they can fix. So the love, support and advice you give today will help him develop the skills to work through the tough stuff as an adult. It’s really tough for kids today…..a lot of stressors. Your farm seems to be a good environment to be in during this crazy time.
    Sorry….mother feelings arose.🤷
    Soooo the Ruby video was amazing with the purring sound from her and the little chicks popping up and under.😂
    I didn’t know chickens purred!?
    Stay the course…duel mothership (son and chickens) is a lot.

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    1. Pat, I cannot tell you how much I loved your post here. It is full of wisdom, and you are so right about the stressors for kids today. My friend and I were just talking about this. It’s a really tough time to be a kiddo. And, along the lines of your post, I made sure my son took a few moments this morning when we were getting ready to leave the house for his cello lessons to just sit and watch those baby chicks. You just have to smile watching those babies! And he did! And he laughed! And I was happy for this!


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