Day 10 of 21

I took this picture today of Ron’s seedlings. He has planted all of the cold-hardy plants in the garden already. It’s been too chilly for the tomatoes and peppers and melons, but look at them here! Aren’t they so beautiful and full of hope?

These little plants are so meaningful because they are the plants that will feed our family in the coming year. I love this so much. I also love Ron’s plan for hardening off the seedlings. He put them in the back of his pickup. Every morning, he pulls the pickup out of the garage, and his seedlings get the sunshine and raise. Every evening, he pulls the pickup back into the garage, so the seedlings are warmer at night.

Next weekend, I am going to be able to plant my own tiny garden. I have a tiny space of my own, and I’m going to try something different. I will write about it soon. I hope it works.

Ruby is doing well, except that I had meant to pull her off of her eggs for some exercise time, but I got too busy. I will be sure to do it in the morning. We how have three other broody hens: Pumpkin still, Vivaldi still, and Penelope is back at it. And she’s very mean about the whole thing.

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