Anna Maria is in the house…

Day 334 of 365

This afternoon, we were all about to go for a walk when I saw Anna Maria wandering around alone. I thought it was her blindness giving her trouble, but I am sad to report this was not the case. It was much worse.

Anna Maria has been injured by the flock. She is never picked on, so this was random. But the other day, I saw another female duck getting picked on. I broke it up, but I didn’t see this attack. And, unfortunately, because of Anna Maria’s history, she just isn’t built for this like the other ducks are. She’s more fragile.

I am very worried about her. I think she will be okay in the short term, but long term, I don’t know what we are going to do. Sometimes, in the spring, the ducks get wound and get rowdy. I don’t think Anna Maria can hold up to this ever again, and that’s if she can heal now.

I thought her other eye was gone. I am happy to report it is not, but I can see her skull. This would normally take a terrible lot of abuse to have happen, but, again, Anna Maria is different. Her skin on her skull is very thin due to her early injuries.

Okay, I have to quit writing about this. I am worried. She’s in the bathroom now, sleeping. She came to me when she was injured and just leaned into me. I thought maybe she would be okay being in the house, but tonight, when I went to get her out of the guest bathtub and put her in her nest box I made, she got pretty hysterical. I finally got her calmed down enough to eat some peas before bed at least.

Oh me. This is tough.

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