Chicken Rales

Day 310 of 365

Bianca is probably the best hen we have. She’s at least top three. She is easy going. Quirky but never difficult. Really very sweet. Today, when I went to let everyone outside for driveway time, she was breathing a little bit she had rales. Not quite, I thought, but maybe. After the great respiratory illness of 2019, anything that even resembles rales trigger a lot of worry.

I brought her in the house and checked her thoroughly. I couldn’t see or feel anything stuck in her throat or crop but hoped that was the issue. I gave her some olive oil. She drank it fine. She also at treats. In fact, she seemed fine except that she definitely seem agitated, not her usual self at all, and had something like the rales.

There is a very long story that happened in the first part of my story and the end, but it involves crows and death, so I am going to have to write that another day. It will take some time.

I will say I was very worried I was going to come home today after some errands and find Bianca had passed. I am thankful to report that was just my superstitious thinking. She’s doing better. She is sleeping tonight in the crate in the garage and is not breathing abnormally. We’ll see how she’s doing in the morning, but it seems like she may have just had something stuck.

However, when I tell you this full story tomorrow, you will understand why I was worried. It was a very, very strange day. Please see good vibes to sweet Bianca.

And, speaking of sweet, Bairre was a perfect citizen today with the ducks.

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