A Dozen Eggs

Day 283 of 365

Today, we got a dozen eggs from the hens! This is really good since the light is just starting to come back. Chickens lay eggs based on light, though there are other factors as well. So, when the light comes back, the eggs come back too!

I am hoping we will be able to get about two dozen eggs a day during part of March and all of April. By May, broodiness will catch on, and though I try to gently break those hens, the laying will definitely slow down.

Ron asked me today how many hens we have still laying, so I went out tonight and did a count. We have 38 chickens total, with 2 roosters and 36 hens. Out of the 36 hens, I know for sure 5 have completely retired. There may be a few more who will barely lay this year though, as they are getting pretty old. Pumpkin is one of our second-generation hens, so she will be 6 years old in the coming year.

As soon as I get a chance, I have to tell Pumpkin’s story. She disappeared for a month one time and came home in the most unusual way. It was not with baby chicks, as one would hope. It was like she had been abducted!

Anyway, hopefully, I am right. Hopefully, we will get a couple dozen eggs a day for about six weeks. That will help us freeze some for the winter and still have a lot to sell, which will help cut down down on the annual feed bill by a bit. Fingers are crossed.

Plus, it makes me happier than I can say to sell beautiful, delicious eggs to people who love them.

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