Just an update…

Day 278 of 365

Tonight, I thought I would just share an update of random things around here for those who follow my stories…

This is a picture of Betty, one of our kitties. She continues to sit with me while I practice my cello. She also loves to study us when we play games. She loves to watch when we play chess, but we played a new card game this morning–and there she was. Right in the middle of it. I really need to write more about her at some point.

Schumann continues to improve. The swelling in her foot is down about 25 percent, and she’s getting around very well. In fact, now, when it’s time to clean and re-wrap her foot, I can’t catch her very well. She’s like, “oh, I’m fine now and do not need you.” Isn’t that just the way it goes?

Rooster is doing surprisingly well. In fact, this afternoon, I saw him tid-bitting for some hens. I even saw him mate with someone the other day. I was like, “Rooster! You’re doing okay!”

Mary Jane was not doing the greatest tonight but had been doing very well earlier in the week. She is still hanging in there, which is wonderful, and this morning, when I brought treats, there was oatmeal and blueberries, which is her favorite. I told her to come and get it, and she sure did. This afternoon, her comb looked a little too purple though, which is always a worry about the heart. I hope Mary Jane’s heart hangs in there.

Finally, in the bad news category, we have discovered over the last couple of months that our rescue duck, Anna Maria, is going blind. We are just trying to figure out how blind, but tonight, I saw her run into the door. I will have to write more about this soon, but it’s so hard to see that beautiful girl struggle. Hopefully, she will hang in there a long time. I need to research to see if there is anything we can do to help. I assume not, but I should find out. Thankfully, she has a crew of ducks, which she relies on heavily. It is certainly related to the trauma she experienced early in her life because over-mating causes damage to the eyes.

Isn’t it tragic how trauma just hangs in there and keeps punishing, even years later? Sigh.

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