Day 274 of 365

This is Betty in front and Bella in the back sitting on the table this morning. This is their glass of water. We have a deal that if we provide them with a water glass filled with fresh water, they will stay out of our water. It usually works. Betty is a charmer. She loves everybody. Bella is particular, and I can’t figure her out. All I can tell about her so far is that she has big mood swings and always looks surprised. And, recently, she’s been considering gracing me with time in my lap. We’ll see!

I was going to write a post about our hen, Schumann, and bumble foot, but I can’t write tonight. Bella, the kitty who never wants to sit in laps, is considering sitting in my lap. I must behave appropriately, else I will be rejected by Bella.

Betty is always in my lap, but Bella hasn’t decided about it. Tonight, she is close, and writing with a laptop in my lap is not conducive to winning over this beautiful kitty.

I will write about Schumann tomorrow. It’s a worthy story. Tonight, however, I must play my cards right with Bella.

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