A New Jar, a New Candle

Day 261 of 365

I feel like my love of both candles and jars is well documented in this blog, so I won’t ramble on about it. Still, I love candles and jars, and if I can have a candle in a jar, well, that’s a treat for sure.

A few weeks ago, when I was searching for a jar photograph, I came across a photo of a little beeswax jar candle, and it was both magical and beautiful to me. I knew I had to try to make one.

It took some work to find the perfect jar, but I have found the perfect jar. It took some research to determine if I would be able to use just one wick. And, after I made it, it took some study to make sure the candle would work well. It works so well!

Yesterday, I burned the candle for seven hours, and it barely budged. There is nothing better for a candle that beeswax. I used to buy cheap candles at the grocery store, and they would burn so quickly. On top of that, who knows what we were breathing? I wanted to make beeswax candles for their clean burn, but I had no idea that beeswax would last forever. That’s just such a bonus to me.

Anyway, I am over the moon with this candle. Sadly, the jars have been discontinued, but I got a small stash of old ones and found a friend who shared 8 more. I’m going to make these candles as gifts the year and will put them in the Etsy shop as well for the journal.

It’s such a good feeling when you want so badly to make something lovely and then you make something lovely. Right?

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