Throw-away Eggs

Day 254 of 365

I have been throwing away eggs all week. It breaks my heart. If you follow this blog or know me even just a little, you know how much I love eggs. They are nutritious, so yummy, and are beautiful works of art. They are also magic. I have seen an egg go from an egg to a chick, and it’s a beautiful miracle. Yeah, I have always loved eggs.

Sadly, last week, when I discovered the outbreak of mites in some of our chickens, I forgot myself and used the non-organic treatment that I usually reserve for Rooster, as he is the only one who generally struggles with mites–and he’s never going to lay an egg.

The natural stuff works almost as well, maybe not quite so well, but I should have used the natural stuff. Yesterday, I threw away six eggs. Today, just three. But this has been going on for five days, and we still have three days to go.

I think it breaks my heart extra right now because I know eggs are so expensive, and I have customers who love them and would appreciate a reasonable price for such delicious eggs, I am sure. And I can’t get these beautiful eggs to them because I am having to throw them away.

I am having my own supply chain issues, I guess.

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